Everything you consume becomes you, and in turn you become what you consume. The internet was once honest about its inherent chaos. Millions of websites created entirely around individuals and their personal ideas. Tribals in a jungle, marking themselves with the facepaint of HTML edited pixel graphics and margin decorations. Music to greet each visitor like the dull thumping of a nightclub or concert held at bay behind a closed door begging to be opened.

As the fa├žade of clean minimalism suffocates the eye sockets of western civilization into obedient funnels, sluicing the internet into six major content aggregates and lobotomizing the masses with algorithms, the steady turbulent few stoke the flames of life which once roared behind the grid of CRT monitors. Their warmth reminded us that the internet is a tumultuous ocean which seeks to swallow and drown the uninitiated.

The only way to survive and thrive is to surf the World Wide Web, and yes it is a web. It is a glorious crystalline fractal lattice stretching outward into infinity. Like stars in the night sky, there is no darkness. The closer you look, the more you realize the light is endless and the darkness is a comparative illusion created by the twinkling few which burn the brightest. We have collected the brightest stars and brought them together in a humble collection. Each one more frightening, more amazing, more strange, and more inspiring than the last. The loud and the silent come together in this tremendous symphony of voices, some screaming and some whispering even louder.

You are a part of this ecosystem simply by being here. Simply by surfing the web, you contribute to a mass unconscious being, fueled by the disparate ideas of many becoming one, whether they accept it or not. When enough people contribute to an idea, they give it life. This is called an egregore. When that egregore grows massive enough to become sentient, it consumes all those who stand in its path. When swallowed whole, you are enveloped in the great womb of the unknown, fed back something from a great void beyond the material plane, like a fetus waiting to be born.

When you consume an idea, you are consumed by it. You are vored, witnessing the final moment of crossing the boundary which separates you as an individual from you as a part of a greater being. Welcome back to the internet. Welcome to Egrevore.